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Now, please try to make friends by using mobile messenger, social network!
You can make friends after logging in by your SNS ID.
Set your gender, age, region and start to search.
Browse friends and new people.
Chat with people nearby or around the world.
Download now if you would like to make a lot of SNS friends.

Friends Talk Using Tip
* Input gender, age, region, and you can meet more friends.
* Upload your photos now.
* Add him or her as a friend if you would like to know more about him or her.
* If you are friends, you will be able to use SNS ID, photos, and 1 on 1 chatting.
* SNS ID can add all Messenger friends.
* Try chatting with your friends now~
* There are many people who come from Korea, Japan, US, China, Taiwan, EU, etc. you can make foreigner friends easily.

Download :

iOS App Store : Friends Talk

Android Play Store : Friends Talk – Chat, Meet

Share your story with those who have similar interests~
* Usage and help

1. Click the ‘Search’ button and find the people who have interests in common with you.

2. You can see the profile of the person you found and if you want to know more about him/her, just click ” chatting” to start to know each other.

3. This app has been downloaded and used by people who come from China, US, Korea, Europe, Japan, Taiwan, etc. You can make foreigner friends more easily by using this app.

5. If you are learning foreigner languages or you want to start to learn it, you can use this app to search the friends who also want to do languages-exchanging. It will help you to learn more fast!

6. You can choose other people to have a talk with from the chatting list.

7. You can change your profile, profile photo, nickname, interests and so on.

8. When a person finds you, he/she is automatically added to your chatting list.

9. You can change the settings to allow or refuse other people searching you.

Download :

iOS App Store : Fav Talk

Android Play Store : Fav Talk – Interests chatting

I want to change my age.

You cannot change your age when you set once.

I'm wondering about the standard of suspension of use of service.

We shall suspend the use of service when users attack the good chat culture and the object of suspension is such as prostitution, sexual contents. advertizing, violence and assault.
Please check Terms of Use and you can see more details.

When your account is suspended although you don’t violate above things, please send us an e-mail with suspended number then we will address that after checking.

How can I delete my account?

You can delete from setting.


I tried to do friend request but it didn't work and displayed the message, 'this user does not accept friends request'. How can I send a friend request?

That message is displayed in the case that the user deletes friend, blocks or turns off friend request.