I want to change my sex and age.

You cannot change your age and sex when you set once.


I tried to do friend request but it didn't work and displayed the message, 'this user does not accept friends request'. How can I send a friend request?

That message is displayed in the case that the user deletes friend, blocks or turns off friend request.



I cannot find a friend in my Friends List although I added friend request and received the message that the user confirmed my request.

In the case that the user deleted as soon as that user confirmed your request, that user is not displayed in Friend List.



Suddenly a friend disappeared from my friend list when we were talking. Why?

in the case that your chatting friend blocked or delete you.


How can I delete my account?

You can delete from setting.
You cannot rejoin in 24 hours after delete.


What's the standard of suspension?

We shall suspend the use of service when users attack the good chat culture and the object of suspension is such as prostitution, sexual contents. advertizing, violence and assault.
Please check 이용약관and you can see more details.

When your account is suspended although you don’t violate above things, please send us an e-mail with suspended number then we will address that after checking.

Email adress : sntowncom@gmail.com


My account is suspended. Could you remove this penalty?

The term of suspension is deferent by the violation. It will be removed automatically after the term of suspension.


My photo has been stolen by someone. How can I do?

You can report by ‘report the infringement of personal information’ in setting.

Please send us an e-mail following the appropriate standard then we will