Privacy Policy

A.What information do we collect?
1.We collect information from you to register on our membership and provide various service as following.
2.We can also collect information provided through the use of service.
sex, age, area, user information, name of user, ID, photo, tall, access date, history of use of service, history of abuse

B.How do we collect Personal Information?
We collect Personal Information in the manner described as below:
-Automatical acquisition by using of service
-Provided by Members voluntary through the registration of service and usage of service.

The purpose of collecting and handling Personal Information
A.To provide the standard service
The Service will provide members with the service which make members can search friends through collecting their interest, sex, age and area of user.
Also, to identify individuals, we will collect a terminal number (device ID and IMEI) and combine that with phone number.
The information such as name of user, ID and photo will be open for another members to communicate and introduce themselves.

B.Execution of the contract regarding the service and payment according to the service contract.
Provision of contents and customized service, delivering product, shipping invoice, identity verification, purchases and payment, and collection of fees.

C.How do we manage users?
Membership service and the system of identity verification, identify individuals, prevent illegal user (Users Violated the terms of us, Article 11, Paragraph 1, Item 1 to 12 and suspended by Article 19, Paragraph 1), confirm the decision of registration, limit the registration, verify attorney’s (parents’) consent and identify individual at the time of acquisition of personal information of children under 14, retain records in the case of troubleshooting, handle complaints, notify the matters that should be notified

D.Development of new service and practical use of marketing advertisement
Provide the development of new service and customized service, provide statistical service and post the advertisements, identify the effectiveness of service, provide information of the event and advertisement and opportunity of joining, get the lay of the land of frequency of access, keep statistics of use of service

Do we disclose any information to outside parties?
We do not provide personal information to outside parties without consent from the subject of personal information and we use personal information within the range of ‘ The purpose of collecting and handling Personal Information’.
-In the case that users consent in advance
-In the case that investigative organization needs personal information according to acts and conditions or by procedure based on acts with the purpose of investigation.

Retention and term of personal information
We deletes the applicable information as soon as the purpose for collection and use is attained. However, following information is retained for a certain time period as following reasons:
A.Reason for retention according to the company policy
-Record of illegal use
Reason for retention: Prevention of illegal use
Retention period: 1 year
B.Reason for retention according to Related acts
We retain personal information for a certain time period according to the related act in the case that if it’s necessary to retain personal information according to the act on the consumer protection in the online business transactions. In this case, we use retained information only for purpose of retention and retention period is followe:
-Records regarding contract or withdrawal of subscription
Reason for retention: The act on the consumer protection in the online business transactions
Retention period: 5 years
-Records regarding payments and provisions of goods
Reason for retention: The act on the consumer protection in the online business transactions
Retention period: 5 years
-Records of consumers’ complaints or results of disputes
Reason for retention: The act on the consumer protection in the online business transactions
Retention period: 3 years
-Records regarding the individual identification
Reason for retention: The act regarding the promotion of information and communication network use and protection of information.
Retention period: 6 months
-Records regarding the access
Reason for retention: the communication secret protection law
Retention period: 3 months
Setting/ running and denying an automatic acquisition system of personal information
We collect device identification number (device ID and IMEI) automatically to make account information through users using of service.
Users cannot use services in case that they deny agreeing to be collected device identification number automatically.