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Product Description

This is awesome APP!!
You can enjoy group and 1:1 chat. You can also enjoy chatting with up to 100 friends.
There are various topics and it’s gonna make you happy to chat with friends having same interests.
Download and have a fun with awesome APP.

* You can enjoy chatting by age from age category.
* Pick out topic from the topic category and have a good chatting. 
* You can make a new chat room through the making of room above the chat list.
* This App has regional chat function by selected area when you make a chat room.
* You can make friends to send a friend request through the profile page.
* You can find friends easily by searching from ‘User’ selecting sex, age or area.
* You will be chosen as a golden boy or girl by making a lot of friends or many user searching you.
* Meet a good looking boys and girls when you become a golden boy or girl!
* More friends is gonna try to find you when you make a profile and post some photo to there.
* You have a choice whether you receive or not a massage of your entrance and exit from chat room by setting.
* If you receive too much friend requests, turn off your setting of friends request.
* If you don’t want to receive the message from users you don’t know, turn off the confirmation of 1:1 chat.
* You can set turning on or turning off the sound.
* Stars are consumed when you do a friend or chat request or entering the group chat and stars is charged automatically after a certain period of time.
* You can block users you don’t like and report immoral users.
* All information such as Friend List, Chat List, Purchase history, will be deleted when you delete your account once.

Your account will be suspended in the case that you do the following things;
mental abuse, sexual contents, various fraud, exchanging of money, making and posting immoral contents
When your account is suspended although you don’t violate above subjects, please send us an e-mail with suspended number and we will address that after a review.