Terms of Service


This agreement will be used to determine the rights, obligations, responsibility matters and other requirements of the company and members related with the use of the provided service by the Corporation SN Town ( hereafter ‘the Company’).

Article 2.(Definition)
Definitions of terms used in this Agreement are as follows.
①’Service': It means that members can use regardless of an actual equipment(included PC,TV, Portable device and Various wired devices).
②’Members': It means that customers access and use our service who signed up for terms of use agreement with us based on this agreement.
③’Authentication Site': It means that members log in that in order to use the service.
④‘ID’: It means that the combination of letters and numbers linked with the authentication site in order to Identification of members and use our service.
⑤’Charged Service ‘: It means every kind of online digital contents(including every kind of information contents, VOD, items and other contents for a fee) which we provide for a fee and various service.
⑥’Posting': It means the information form or every kind of file and link like a sign, letters, voice, sounds, image and movie and it occurs members use our service.

Article 3 (Amendment to the Conditions)
①The Company may publish the conditions through the login process.
② The Company may amend the Act on the Regulation of the Agreement and Act on the Promotion of Information network use and Information Protection (the ‘Information-Communication Law’) within the scope of committing no violation of Laws and Regulations.
③In the event of amending provisions, The Company shall provide notification of the causes of amendment and date of application according to current conditions and Article 1 beginning 30days prior to the date of application through one day before the date of application. However, If such amendment restricts the rights of the Member or impose any additional obligations on the Member except in the event that such amendment is required to adhere to the Laws and Regulations, the Company shall notify the Member of such items by electronic forms like e-mail, electric massage or the initial page beginning.
④In such a case, if the Member does not submit any complain by 30days despite the Company notifying the amendment according to previous section, the Member shall be deemed to have consented to such amendment.
⑤Member may terminate this contract when Member does not agree the amendment as the amendment to condition shall not apply to them. However, the Company may terminate this contract if there is a special circumstance which existing terms and conditions cannot apply.

Article 4(Priority Order of the Conditions)
①The Company establishes conditions and policy about Charged Service for a fee and specific user Service separately (the ‘Charged service agreement’) and in the case where the Charged service agreement conflict with the provisions set forth in the conditions, the Charged service agreement shall override and apply.
②With regard to items which are not described in these provisions and interpretation of these provisions, they will follow laws on the Charged service agreement, act on regulation of provisions, related laws and/or customary practices.

Article 5 (Establishment of Contract)
①Contract is established when those who wish to become the Member (the ‘Applicant for member registration’) apply by completing to fill out member information including the procedure to enter the user name and the Company approve that application.
②The Company shall register users as members. However, the company may not approval or terminate the contract after registering for the following cases:
1.In the case that those applying for member registration lose member qualification by the Conditions. However, the Company will make exceptions for those who received approvals for re-registration.
2. Using other’s name
3. In the case that there is fault or omission of description.
4.In the case that child under the age of 14 does not obtain attorney’s(parents’) consent.
5.In the cases that impossible to approve due to any causes attributable to the user or applying in violation of provisions.
③In the application provided in Article 5, paragraph 1, the Company shall conduct the necessary identification and other verification with respect to the Member pursuant through the specialized agencies.
④The Company may put approval on hold when there is no room of service equipment or there is technical or business problem.
⑤In the cases provided in Paragraph 2, Paragraph 4, the Applicant for member registration should be notified of these disapproval or on hold.
⑥In the policy of the Company, the Company may make some distinction in use of service by dividing the time of usage, usage frequency and service menu.
⑦The Company may restrict the service to abide the act on the promotion of film or video products and Prefectural Ordinance of Juvenile Protection.

Article 6 (Change of Membership Information)
①Member may view and revise their personal information through the profile page in the service. However, Member should not be allowed to change the terminal identification number (device ID or IMEI) which is needed for management of service, telephone number and ID.
② In the case where there is any change or correction to the mentioned items that was registered when Member applied, Member shall promptly notify the Company of such details.
③ The Company shall not be liable for any losses incurred by failing to notify the Company of change or correction of paragraph 2.

Article 7. (Personal Information Protection)
The Company pledges to do its best to protect the privacy and personal information of Members with related laws and regulations. The provisions of the Privacy Policy shall apply to protection and use of personal information.

Article 8.( Obligation for Member ID)
①.Members are liable for managing their ID and should not allow a third party to use their ID.
② In the case where there is the possibility of leakage of Personal Information, anti social or against good public orders and morals, The Company may restrict the use of service.
③In the case that Member becomes aware that a third party steals their ID or use them, Member should immediately notify the Company and follow the direction of the Company.
④ The Company shall not be liable for any losses incurred by Member correspond to Paragraph 3 failing to notify the Company of the fact or not following the direction of the Company.

Article 9 (Notification to Members)
① In the case that the Company gives notice to a Member, the Company shall provide notification to e-mail address or electric massage in Service.
② In the case that the Company gives notice to unspecific numerous members, it shall display the notice for more than 1 week, which is equivalent to Paragraph 1.

Article 10 (Obligation of the Company)
① Company shall not act against laws and these provisions, or good public order and morals, and will strive to offer stable service pursuant to these provisions.
② The Company will be equipped with a security system for users personal information(including credit information), so that users can safely use services. The Company will also publish and comply with Privacy Policy.
③ The Company should respond a opinion or complaint of Member in the case which the company accept as a legitimate. In this case, the Company may notify Member of process or result of a opinion or complaint of Member through the bulletin board or e-mail.

Article 11 (Obligation of Members)
①Members should not be allowed to do the following.
1.Record false information in application or changes.
2.Stealing the information of others
3.Vluntarily change information displayed on the Company website
4.Activites that illegally or improperly lead to the collection, disclosure, or provision of other’s personal information, user history.
5.Activities that use the service for sales, marketing, advertisement, soliciting or other commercial purposes without those approved by the Company.
6.Activities that replicating, breaking, making a copy or deforming the service through the reverse engineering, decompile, disassemble or other fabricated activities.
7.Activities that interfere with the servers or network systems of the service by using the service in a different way from the normal usage.
8.Activities that granting access permission to a third party
9.Activities that infringe intellectual property rights such as copy rights of the Company or a third party.
10. Activities that defaming the company or a third party or interfere with the servers or network systems of the service.
11.Activities that posting, disclosing or transmitting information that goes against good public order and morality such as obscene or violent messages of image or voice.
12.Activities that using Service for profit without those approved by the Company.
13.Other illegal or unreasonable activities.
② Members should comply with notification of the Company and precaution statement which published about related acts, terms and conditions, usage guide and service. Members should not also allowed to interfere with the service of the Company.

Article 12 (Offer of Service)
①The Company offers the following services.
1.Messenger service
2.Social Networking Service
3. All the service that developed additionally or offered by other business partners cooperating with the Company.
②The Company may divided Service and specify the available time for each range. However, in the case that the Company shall provide notification in advance.
③Service is provided twenty-four seven in principle.
④ The Company may temporarily suspend the offering of service on the website in the event of the maintenance, repair, exchange, breakdown, or interruption of information communication facilities such as computers. In the case that the Company shall notify Members in a way stipulated in Article 9. However, in the case that there is a inevitable reason, the Company may notify after the fact.
⑤The Company shall conduct a periodic inspection to provide service in case of necessity and that schedule will be published on the service provision screen.

Article 13 (Amendment to the Service)
①The Company may amend or suspend the offering of service in case that there is probable cause such as difficulty of offering seamless service and deteriorating profitability due to decrease in use, requiring a shift toward next generation service to keep up with advancement in technology or the amendment of policy of the Company related to offering service.
②The Company may correct, suspend or amend the offering of service as a freely in case that policy or management of the Company require and there is no additional compensation to Member unless there is special provision about related acts.
③In the case of amending or suspending the service, the way to use or the available time of usage, the Company shall provide notification of the details, causes and the date and time of amendment or suspension through the way that Member can sufficiently recognize, such as the website, service provision screen or service message before 30days in advance.

Article 14 (Offer of Information and Advertizement)
①The Company offers various information required when Member use the service by notification, service screen or service message such as e-mail. However, Member can deny that except related information of transaction based on the related act or the answer of customer inquiry.
②The Company shall publish the advertisement related to management of service on the service screen, service message or website.

Article 15 (Copyright of Post)
①The Copyright of the post on the service shall belong to the person who posted.
②The Company should obtain Member’s approval through the phone call, fax or e-mail in advance in case of making use of the post of Members.

Article 16 (Post Management)
①In the case that the post violate related acts such as the Information-Communication Law and Copyright Act, rights holders can request to suspend or delete the post and then the Company should take action under the related acts.
②The Company can take action to the post under related acts without requirement of rights holder in the case that there is violation of rights or violating the Company policy and related acts.
③Detailed procedure will be followed to suspending requirement service of posting under the Information-Communication Law and Copyright Act.
-suspending requirement service of posting:kimjeongsiks@gmail.com

Article 17 (Reversion of Rights)
①Copyright and intellectual property of service will belong to the Company except the work that posted by Member or provided by affiliate agreement.
②The Company has Copyright and other intellectual property rights related to trademark, service mark, logo which are provided service such as design of service, text, script, graphics and transmission facility among the Member under the law of Public of Korea or Foreign country and also has ownership and right of user.
③Members cannot retain service nor Copyright following this terms and conditions but being able to use as a getting information or personal use by approval of the Company.
④Member is not allowed to replicate nor distribute text, scripts, graphics and transmission facility among the Member which are manufactured by the Company including making a copy or distributing personal information got through the service for profit.
⑤The Company confers only right of use that available to use the account, ID and contents under the conditions of use defined by the Company related to service and Member is not allowed to transfer, sell nor provide security.

Article 18 (Termination of Contract)
①Any Member may require termination of contract from membership on the page of delete account at any time and the Company shall instantly answer the request following related acts.
②The Company deletes the applicable information as soon as Member terminate the contract except the Company keeping Member information following related Acts and Privacy Policy.
③The Post of Member will be deleted when Member terminate the contract. However, the post added or scrapped by others will not be deleted.

Article 19( Restrictions of Use)
①The Company can limit the use of service as the warning, limiting or suspending service when Member violate the terms and conditions and management of service.
②The Company may suspend the service in the case when Member violate related Acts such as stealing name, payment information or phone number, copyrights or distribute illegal program which violated Computer program Protection Law, violating management, illegal communication violating Information-Communication Law, hacking, distributing malicious program, excess activities of access authority.
③The Company shall limit the use of service to protect personal information and increase efficiency of management in the case if there is no record of login activity for the past 3months.
④Limit conditions and details in this article is following the Company Policy.
⑤In the event that the Company limits or terminate the use of service, the Company shall provide notification following Article
⑥Member can submit any complaint about limited use of service following the procedure established by the Company. In the case that submitted complaint is approved as justifiable, the Company shall resume the use of service immediately.

Article 20 (Limitation of Liability)
①The Company has no liability to providing service in the case that the Company cannot provide the service due to force majeure such as natural disaster or any fact beyond the Company’s control.
②The Company shall not be liable for service trouble that was caused by Member’s fault.
③The Company shall not be liable for reliability of information, material and fact which Members posted related to service.
④The Company shall not be liable for guarantee of transactions in the case that Members deal with third party.
⑤The Company shall not be liable for use of free service unless there is special provision related Act.
⑥The Company shall not be liable for products and service of quality which third party advertized through the website linked to our service page.
⑦The Company and executive shall not be liable for damage caused as following.
1.Damages caused by Recording false information.
2.Personal damage caused by use of service and accessing regardless of this character and background.
3.Damage caused by third party’s illegal access and use .
4.Damage caused by third party’s illegal violation and suspending a transmission to the server.
5.Damage caused by virus, spyware or malicious program distribution that the third party intend to transmit or spread illegally through the service.
6.Damage caused by error, omission, destruction of transmitted data.
7.Civil and penal liability of defamation and other illegal acts caused by the Member information and the process of use of service among the Member.

Article 21 (Overseas Use)
The Company provides and manage the Service based on the server installed in Republic of Korea. This means that the Company shall not be liable for the quality and usability of service in the case that Members use the Service except for the territory of Republic of Korea. Therefore, Members should decide whether to use or not and it depends on the decision and responsibility of Member, especially Members shall be liable for the responsibility to observe applicable local law at the process of use of service in the case that Members use the Service except for the territory of Republic of Korea.

Article 22 (Governing Law and Jurisdiction)
① The law of Republic of Korea shall be applied to a lawsuit between the Company and Members.
② Conflicts between the Company and Members will be governed under the exclusive jurisdiction of Court in Civil Procedure Code.

Supplementary Provisions
Date of publication : Jul 01, 2011
Date of effect Oct 25, 2011
Current Terms and Conditions can be found in service website.